Judging proposal writeup from Ryan Young

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Re: Judging proposal writeup from Ryan Young

Postby bobboulware » Mon Aug 27, 2018 5:05 am

Traditionally voting pamphlets feature ‘arguments for’ and ‘arguments against'. This is my 'argument for' offering (and assumes you've read the orig pitch in full).

I served on the FPA board for years starting the 90s but have since remained a watchful observer and student of the sport and its challenges. I don’t think I have I seen such a 'turning point' opportunity come along that carries such great potential (both short and long term) for our beloved sport.

1. Ryan’s offering promises to pull current freestyle competitive logistics and administration out of the dark ages and liberate players from burdens req’d to run a major event (namely directors and judges). This asset would create ripples of benefit beyond serving the immediate need to streamline tabulation and bring a new usability experience to judging. For instance, speedy scoring would engage viewers and spectators. Scoring access would finally allow color commentary to come into its own, creating suspense and engagement, turning viewers into fans and future players. The future of the sport depends on creating a level of interest worth sharing around (more on this later). Less time judging means less stress for competitors b/c they have more time to prepare. More preparation could mean higher quality routines. Spare time means more flexibility for how an event itself is designed, allowing inclusion of demos or other attractions. Not to mention more time to jam. The list goes on and on.

2. My sense is that org leadership realizes this is a big ask. From what I’ve learned, it’s being pitched as all or nothing to allow Ryan the freedom to go ‘all-in’ to best manage the intense complexity of the build, all while holding down a full time job as a programmer at Amazon. If he (and the committee) fail to earn your trust to thoughtfully steward this endeavor, Ryan will abandon it and elect to work on less impactful side projects related to freestyle instead.

Right now we have a shed, and Ryan is like an architect and builder who has the skill and experience to build a custom house that only he can build. Which is what makes this kind of a precious opportunity that is likely to not come around again. Like many who’ve experienced his process and finished products, I'd trust Ryan (and his team) to build, test, and listen with the due diligence such a project deserves.

3. The aforementioned benefits could be a major leap towards make events watchable and engaging for non-freestylers (on-line and in-person), an imperative for recruiting new players. Based on what I’ve seen over the last 3 decades, the sport is barely treading water in terms of sustainable growth. The freestyle community should be concerned. Weak interest and turnout persist, with few new players particularly in the States. Changing trends and interests in younger demographics means in order for freestyle to be relevant again it must seek out new relevance. To achieve this requires the sort of persistent, innovative thinking and action we’ve seen recently, but those breakthroughs also had to recognize the value of risk. I've always seen mindful, skilled experimentation to be intrinsic to the sport itself. Freestyle won’t evolve and find new ways to hook a new audience without rejecting a fear of failure, and instead collectively recognize it as an asset.

Let's seize this opportunity. Please help to boldly move our beloved sport forward and, with confidence and enthusiasm, vote yes. Thanks! -B

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Re: Judging proposal writeup from Ryan Young

Postby francesco.santolin » Sun Sep 02, 2018 2:31 pm

Thank you Bob ! All Interesting points and enough to convince me.

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Judging proposal writeup from Ryan Young

Postby EmileFaf » Sat Oct 19, 2019 8:18 pm

Thanks Yep, that very special club only has only old members, but thats okay I had a great time back then, and reminiscing now.